Place des Vosges
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The Place des Vosges, originally Place Royale, is the oldest planned square in Paris and one of the finest in the city. It is located in the Marais district, and it straddles the dividing-line between the 3rd and 4th arrondissements of Paris. The Place des Vosges is one of the oldest in Paris, and one of the most beautiful. The visitor strolls beneath its arcades or in the aisles of the central garden, and takes the opportunity to admire the superb red brick facades. The shops, open on Sundays, participate in the animation of the place. The square is the ideal starting point for a walk in the Marais, one of the most charming historical districts of the capital, for the heritage treasures it shelters and the atmosphere it exudes.

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You can discover a prominent building occupied the northern end of the square called  the Hôtel de Tournelles. This grand building was constructed in 1388 and served as a residence for the Royal family until 1559, when King Henry II was severely wounded during a tournament held at the site.




The King Henry IV ordered all 35 other buildings bordering the square to follow the same design. The result, an early example of urban planning, is a symmetrical square surrounded by buildings with red brick and white stone facades, steep slate roofs and dorm windows, all constructed over arcades.




Visitors can see a huge statue of King Louis XIII erected at the center of the square. It was destroyed during the French Revolution but a new statue of King Louis XIII was installed in 1825.





The jewel of the Marais district, the Place des Vosges has remained intact since its construction, isolated like a peaceful sanctuary, away from the busyness of the French capital. At the centre of the square, encircling the statue of Louis XIII, is a grove of mature lime and chestnut trees, from which converge gravel paths, separated by four sets of flowerbeds with beautiful trickling fountains. Following the outline of the square are three rows of clipped lime trees planted inside a painted fence on the four sides of the square.


Opening Times:

24 hours a day.

Tickets and Price:

Free access for all.


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